A Detailed Guide to App Development for Startups

App Development for Startups

You may have a good idea for your mobile app startup. However, it remains an idea until you are able to transform it into something concrete and useful. Building a successful mobile app startup goes beyond being able to code. You need to be a business person first before anything else. Look for how to make your potential clients lives easier. Look out for ways to solve their problems with your app in an effective and efficient manner. Deliver the goods to them and they will get you the money.A Detailed Guide to App Development for Startups

Here are steps to consider when building a mobile app. I will also touch on the mistakes to avoid while you are on the journey to becoming an apppreneur.

Have your idea validated: What happens if you have a wonderful idea, that you believe will knock people’s socks off, and it ends up not getting buyers? This is where the importance of validation comes in. Validation helps you to know whether your app will have people to use it. It helps you to determine if people will be interested in the product you are about to bring to life. Build a landing page. Let it show the world your app idea. Seek for response and interest through email sign ups.

Google Keyword Planner is a tool that could come in handy when it comes to validating your app idea. It will look for the people searching for what you are out to do. With this, you can have a good estimate of the number of people that will download your app when it gets into the market.
You can also build a Minimum Viable Product that will show the main values of your idea and help you gauge user interest. The MVP is like a skeleton that forms the framework of the body. You can go ahead and build on it to suit what people want. Ideally, your MVP should be fluid enough to evolve.

Put down the details: Now that you know your app will enjoy great acceptance, it is time to put the details on paper. Write as specifically as you can, the details of the app. This should include all the features you intend to have on the app and how users are going to navigate it. Remember that you may need to add to your original idea here from the responses you got through the validation process.
The value of your app is in the details. It is what will make people shift from what they may be using at the moment and move over to yours. The end users comfort, convenience, and intended experience should all be at the back of your mind as you put the details on paper or online tools for wireframing such as Proto.io.

Pick out the chaff: You need to take a critical look at everything you’ve put down. The next thing is to remove those things that are not valuable. The core value of your mobile app idea is what you need. This is not the time for fluff, so take them out. Remember that a lot of features can be added as updates after your product is already in the market. You may ask why you should take them out now when you may still use them. The answer is that you may get distracted by them instead of concentrating on the parts of the app that solve users’ problems. It will also save you both time and cost spent on developing the app.

Get a good design: It is one thing to pick out unnecessary features, it is another thing to have an ugly design. Yes, the design takes care of how your app will look. It also considers the kind of experience your users will get from the finished app. The end users should be on your mind when designing your app. The app should look catchy and beautiful. It may surprise you to know that the colors you use in your app may make it into a success or a flop. People may love your product just from the emotions the colors used stirred up in them!
You should also ensure users can move from one feature to another seamlessly. They should be able to learn how to use your app as quickly as possible. This, termed as User Experience, must be considered during designing. Another thing to note is the User Interface. You should factor in the age, gender, location, etc of your target audience.

Prepare your brief: Right now, you have enough information to prepare a brief. The brief is what you show your development partners when the discussion starts on pricing and timelines. Though called a brief, it should be full of details. Details like the background of your app idea, your intended customers, features, prototype, and monetization plan.

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Mobile app development for startups


Do not assume you have reached the promise land the moment your app hits the market; you may just have begun your journey.
You need a clear marketing plan. This should focus on how you will get, say, your first 10,000 customers. From them, you will know whether you have a chance in the app market. You will also get valuable pointers on how to get more downloads.

Do not fail to upgrade your backend infrastructure. Your app should be able to handle the growing load it receives as it gets into the real world. If you want your app to function well, you need a payload of about 4KB. Let your app’s pagination ensure that data is not returned en masse but through paginated and cursor-type results.

Do not raise money before validating your app. It is important that you focus on building your idea into a product and getting customers first. This does not mean that looking for funding is not vital. It is that when you have an app that works and a good market, getting funding becomes easier.

Do not fail to develop your app for each operating system. User Interface, performance, and functionality all influence the success your app will enjoy. These parameters depend on the platform you build your app on. To experience the least of problems with them, strive to build your app for each operating system, separately. Yes, it will cost more but the gains will be more too.

So there you have it – How you can build a successful mobile app start up by AppsArmy.

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